If any of you have read my blog up until this point, you’re all aware of how huge a fan I am of the Dodge Challenger. With its classic style and hardcore look, you really can’t get closer to American muscle than this. That is until now. When you check out the 2015 model you are going to see one amazing number.

Charge The Horses

The 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, aside from having the greatest name ever, is going to pump out a massive 707 horsepower. That is more than any other stock car you could grab without jumping into some crazy foreign thing. American muscle has returned, and it is powerful. Just think of how fast you could burn a set of tires with that many hooves beating down on it.


Look The Part

If you’re worried about how it looks, don’t worry at all. The new classic look is not only preserved, but will come in hot rod orange as well. This is going to be a game change. There is nothing out there right now that could rival this short of what you move Earth with. Rev this engine and I promise everyone around you is going to know about your Dodge Challenger.


Rev Up The Fun

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