Did you know that hot summer days can take a toll on your Dodge Charger or RAM 1500? Heat combined with pollen create the perfect storm to impact your vehicle. This includes brake problems. Brakes play a huge rule in the safety of driving; crash statistics reveal that faulty brakes cause 15 to 22 percent of all accidents.

If you’re experiencing any type of brake issue, it’s a good idea to visit the service center at Coppus Motors located in Tiffin, OH for a routine check-up.

Why Your Brakes May Need Service

Brake problems are often very noticeable when driving. If you have to pump the brakes on your vehicle for them to work, this is a red flag. You should bring in your vehicle to your local Dodge service center immediately.

In addition to pumping the brakes, there are other common symptoms that you need to service your brakes. If your brakes feel “soft” and almost stick to the floor, you may have lost pressure in the system. There could also be bubbles in the brake lines or a leak.

There are two sounds that would be deemed troubling: squeaking or squealing. Often accompanying these sounds is a jerking steering wheel while braking. This could be an indicator of a warped rotor.

Brake Service Available at Coppus Motors

If you’re concerned about your brakes, then it’s a good time to visit your nearby Sandusky Dodge dealership, Coppus Motors. We have a highly trained and skilled service center that can diagnose and repair any brake problem. To learn more about what services we have to offer, or our inventory of new and used cars, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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